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Pokemon Sidestory: Aaron s Legacy by hikariangelove Pokemon Sidestory: Aaron s Legacy by hikariangelove
commission 4: :iconboredstick: he wants a scene from his fanfic you like it^^


more info:

Pokemon Sidestory: Aaron´s Legacy

Fanfction ( when done ) :…

Similar events:…

I plan to make a backstory detailing Aaron´s past from before the events of the 8th movie right down to the very ends of the 8th movie. This is both a stand-alone story but is also connected one way or another to both Path Of Legends, and Pokemon Fusion fanfiction.

Abit cut down and censored for spoilers, but once done, will be uploaded :)

In short, without spoiling too much, Aaron had to leave to train to become an Aura Guardian together with Lucario, taking somewhat a year, being far away. But as he returns, he finds out that his home village where his wife lives at, is exposed to a sneak attack from outsiders, as he arrives there in time, or maybe not...

Scene preview:

With the fires roaring high and loud, Aaron´s outcries never stopped overpowering them, as he called out for Inana. Despite no response, Aaron still continued to search every corner and every house still standing up, leaving no body on the ground left unchecked in search for his wife.

Having lost focus of his surroundings, Aaron suddenly felt a prescence approaching and as he turned around, drew a sigh of relief. It was Lucario. Getting through the flames, he had managed to safely reunite with Aaron. And he was not alone, carrying something in his arms the entire way.

It was Inana. Seemingly uninjured yet unconcious, Lucario put her on the ground and backed away, keeping guard as Aaron held her in his arms, happy she was alright. But as he held her close enough to feel her heart beating, Aaron suddenly flinched. Something was wrong. Something wasn´t right.

Apart from her heart not beating correctly, Aaron noticed she had some difficulty breathing. As she opened her eyes, Inana smile and tried to caress Aaron´s check but as her strength had failed, both knew it was just alittle too late. Even Lucario knew yet had hoped that a miracle just might happen.

Inana: … seems I got my last wish granted... I had hoped to see you again... just one last time...

Aaron: Ina... don´t talk like that... I´m here now... and you are alright... that is what matters...

Inana: Aaro... don´t... I feel it... and I can see it in you... I´m sorry... it had to ends like this...

Aaron: Stop ! Don´t ! You´re fine ! No one hurt you... seems you just got caught in the fire...

Inana: Listen... there isn´t much time... the ones responsable fled not too long ago... please, go and...

Aaron: Ina, no ! I´m staying right here ! I´ll send out Lucario to the castle... once we gather then ...

Inana: Please... if you don´t … there will be no proof... don´t let my passing be in vain... Aaron...

Aaron: Lucario ! I want you to go gather our forces, and intercept the intruders. That is an order !

Hesitating to leave Aaron vurnable and exposed to an ambush should there come one, Lucario refused and knew Aaron was in no position to argue about it. Inana finally mustered up some strength and got to touch Aaron´s cheek, her weak distant eyes looking at him affectionatly.

Aaron knew that the last thing he could do was to be with her for awhile longer, seemingly suspecting that the exposure to smoke was far longer than his arrival during the attack on the village. Due to the smoke inhalation, Inana had quickly forgotten, as she tried to say something.

With Lucario also noticing, Aaron asked her to save her strength, but seeing that her eyes lit up, it was as if it was something very important she had to say. Somewhat coughing, Inana knew she had to let him know even if it was the last thing she would say. As Aaron then heard her and flinched.

Inana: … It was just as much of a surprise to me... must haven happened after you left that day...

Aaron: … nonono, easy now... you´re getting confused... please... just... just stay with me Ina...

Inana: I hoped you´d be here in time for it... but its the truth... and it´s alive... our child is still here...

Aaron:… I am a father ? You mean... no, among everything here, I haven´t seen or heard anything...

Inana: Because you were looking for me... but it is somewhere safe... send Lucario out to go look...

Aaron: Lucario, go ! Ina... if I had known... I would´ve returned instantly... I´d be there when you...

Inana: It would have been a nice surprise... but you did this for all of us... to protect us... Aaro...

Aaron: I´m sorry... I should never have left... I should have put you infront of everything else...

With Lucario about to go, he halted. Aaron had been so focused on redeeming himself, he had not noticed it. But as he waited for a response from her, his eyes got tearful as he saw her. Having closed her eyes, she had gone soon after her last words. With nothing to do, Aaron put her down.

Knowing what to do, Aaron put his hand onto his and her chest and went through it. The very first ritual that he never would imagine would be with his own wife. Despite knowing he would be exposed, Lucario knew he would never be forgiven if something would happen to his son.

As Lucario left, Aaron did everything right, and it didn´t take much time before it was done. Truly wanting to grief, Aaron knew that Inana was right. That time was crucial. Crossing his chest, he focused as the Time Flower in his chestpocket did it´s magic, creating the link he had hoped for.

Successful, he could have use the precious time left to talk to her just awhile longer, but knowing almost everything was said and done, instead he went deep into her memory to see what she experienced. To see and hear. To find out truly who was the culprit for the uncalledfor vile attack.

It did´t take long before he got what he needed, after after a last brief goodbye, Aaron finally let her go. Back to his senses, he could feel Lucario approaching, but with him almost not saying anything nor hearing anything, Aaron feared to turned around. Afraid that he would lose something else.

But as he did, tears ran down his eyes, seeing Lucario quietly holding his baby, mere months old and sleeping in a warm blanket despite all that happened, as Aaron got his child into his arms and held close. With no words, Aaron looked at his child and knew that from now on... finally, he could protect innocents from then on. That he would never let someone else close to him perish again.

Not even sure if Inana had named their child, Aaron saw that it was a healthy boy, already looking strong despite his infancy. Even if far away from the dangers of the village, some dirt had reached him, and as Aaron removed some smudges from it´s face... he knew what to call his son... Ash...

What other events await Aaron and Lucario that culminate and lead to the kingdoms being at war ?
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Multiverse13 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2016
In the movie it did state that Sir Aaron's aura and Ash's aura are almost identical, so that might mean that Sir Aaron is Ash's ancestor. Knowing that, it stupid that they killed off Lucario at the end because even though Sir Aaron was gone, with Ash being his descendant would mean that Ash would inherit ownership of Lucario.
Hunterwow2 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2015
When I went to the link for the fan fiction it showed me different stories which one is it
hikariangelove Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015
Ask to: :iconboredstick:
Andermarek107 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I want to read this fanfiction please tell
hikariangelove Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014
Read the description
Andermarek107 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
RasenganLucario Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014
Wait, Sir Aaron is Ash's DAD!?

That's, impossible! Sir Aaron and Ash are like, decades apart from each other. How is this possible?

Although it does explain why Ash's aura was so similar to Sir Aaron's, as Lucario said. And why they actually both look alike.

I should read this fanfiction, cause it sounds awesome. 
hikariangelove Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014
Ask to: :iconboredstick:
RasenganLucario Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014
Thank you.
And BTW, I've seen a lot of your artworks, and they are amazing. Keep up the great work.
MiyoChan94 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014
My feels
animamomentlover Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
very emotional :wow:
Kida54 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Neatidea but I always took Aaron as some one who wasn't married and served the queen. Also i think he was already a master (or close to) of Aura when Lucario came and became Aaron's student. BTW his hometown is Rota where Cameron palace is.
Boredstick Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013
Hehe thanks for liking the comic :)

Well there is more to the backstory, since I havent revealed all yet XD, but technically he isnīt married if his wife is gone and thus starts serving the Queen.

All I will say regarding Aaron/Lucario and their rank aswell as timeline, is there will be some surprises ^^

And yes, he was born in Rota, though people sometimes move when they find someone they care about :P

Thanks for your comment :) !
Kida54 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I just figured they were partners who helped protect/serve the queen.

Honestly when I first saw the movie I didn't hear Sir Aaron I heard Solaron like that was his name. then I realized Lucario was saying sir Aaron.
Boredstick Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013
Well nothing directly is official what is before and after in the movie apart from the movie scenes itself, so in this case I have my interpretation and idea of it :)

Oh, first time I heard that mistake, though still a cool name if it would been that way, Solaron :)
Kida54 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013  Student Digital Artist
It would be a cool name.
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