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July 13, 2012
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Pokemon Fusion Scene: Whispers From The Heart by hikariangelove Pokemon Fusion Scene: Whispers From The Heart by hikariangelove
commission 4:iconboredstick: he wants a comic scene from his fanfic hope you like it^^


more info:

Fanfiction: [link]

Previous event: [link]

( Had to remove my fanmade intro, but viewable in my MSN channel ;) )

Note to everyone: The preview had to be shortened since it became more than one page, however the essence of each panel hopefully remains, and should anyone have questions then I, Boredstick, will be more than glad to answer them as much as possible without hopefully spoiling too much.

To understand this scene, it is important to know this: Prior to this event, in another side story, Ash from the future had traveled back in time and after he returned to his timeline, affected in a way not only his past self but also Misty. What he however doesnt know, is that Misty did the very same thing.

Traveling from the future into the past, she couldn´t affect the timeline he already altered, so she instead arrives in the past after this scene. However, Future Ash´s actions prior had affected both his past self and past Misty to the point that all the events afterwards became very different than what it was.

Also, Future Misty´s arrival, despite after this event, affected her past self to act different than what she already would, resulting as you can see, with a different goodbye at the crossroads. The events of reaching the Pokemon Center, getting her bike, battling the brothers and such all did happen.

Its only this, prior to Future Misty´s arrival into the past, that got affected by the unexpected event of Future Ash and Future Misty traveling back in time.

This scene would also make more sense if I explain what would be different with Ash and Misty in the past, however, I cannot tell because of one important thing.

Spoilers. Both from the sidestory when Future Ash travels back in time and when Future Misty does the same, there is far too much that happens to try summarise without reading it for yourselves, so instead I let you use what I and other fans have done: Imagination. Of what happens before, and after this scene.

To summarise:

Normal Timeline ( Gotta Cath You Later ) : A day before the episode, the team act as usual, but on the day they reach Viridian City, everything goes as the episode shows, including the crossroads.

Timeline After Ash Traveled Back In Time:
A day before, Future Ash has affected the events during the day prior to the episode, yet once they reach Viridian City, everything goes as the episode shows despite Future Ash´s influence.

Timeline After Misty Traveled Back in Time:
The same as above ( Future Ash affecting the past) , with the exception that right at the crossroads, Future Misty´s arrival one day after the crossroads, influences Past Misty ( affected also from Future Ash´s influence a day prior) to have a more personal goodbye, as seen in the comic scene.

Should anyone wish to read the stories, then feel free to enter my MSN channel and I´ll share them aswell as other parts from my Pokemon Fusion fanfic project. If not then this is the closest I can offer you without giving too much or spoiling too much. Thank you for reading, and enjoy :)

Scene preview:

Approaching Ash, it was Misty´s time for her goodbye, and as Ash already got emotional, she saw it through his eyes. Misty told him to put forth his hands, as she then put her hands onto his, looking at him with a faint smile while Ash was unsure why she would suddenly do something like that.

Looking closer, Ash suddenly saw that it wasn´t just Misty´s hands on his hands, that underneath was her handkerchief. Once Misty saw that he noticed, she retracted her hands to let Ash hold it. Still unsure what it truly meant, Ash asked Misty why she gave him the handkerchief.

Misty: It´s yours to keep … and when we meet again... you´ll know why I gave it to you ...
Ash: Misty … I don´t understand … why you are giving it to me … why aren´t you keeping it ...

Misty: It´s my farewell gift to you … you can give it back if you want, when you return Ash...
Ash: But what if I won´t come back … what if I can´t … what if I … won´t see you again Misty...

Misty: Then let´s make a promise Ash … to see each other again … no matter what … alright ?
Ash: I promise … but still … it´s not just me … you have to stay at home to take care of the gym...

Misty: It will take some time … but don´t worry Ash … it´s a promise that we both will keep ...
Ash: How can you be so sure … what if you have to stay … what if you can´t come back … what if...

Suddenly Misty hugged Ash, as even Togepi remained silent as Misty just stayed awhile in his arms, and with an embrace unlike any other he felt before, something deep within Ash further rose towards his consciousness, something not yet ready to fully surface. What she truly meant to him.

Misty: I´m gonna miss you guys … Brock … Pikachu … but most of all … I´ll miss you Ash ...
Ash: I … I´ll .. I´ll miss you too Misty … and I … I want to … thank you … for … everything you ...

Misty: Thank you Ash... for what you said earlier today... and also... for being my best friend …
Ash: I really meant it … it´s just that the same destiny … now is splitting us apart... and I´m sorr...

Ash´s voice got more and more emotional, as Brock already from the embrace Misty gave Ash had his suspicions, but hearing what Misty just said to Ash, it was no doubt in his mind. What Misty was carefully , yet purposefully, implying to Ash, be it on a conscious or subconscious level.

Suddenly Ash froze, as Misty whispered something to him. Something Togepi reacted upon, in which Brock and Pikachu could only see the look in Ash´s face. Looking at them, Ash didn´t say a word, almost hoping them to say something to him. But with no response, Ash got tearful.

Her whisper was faint enough to barely be heard... but clear enough for Ash´s true feelings to suddenly burst to his consciousness for short a moment... Ash couldn´t hear what Misty had whispered to him... but he could feel it. It brought forth an emotion he never felt before.

And based on what that whisper brought forth in him... Ash knew Misty to have that same feeling inside... yet he was afraid to ask her. To ask what she said because he couldn´t hear her. But also afraid to get a different answer... an answer that would not bring forth that emotion within again.

Almost as if she could feel his emotions... and the sudden burst that surfaced his true feelings for her … Misty just remained in Ash´s arms and rested her head onto his shoulder, knowing she was right... that what she said, if he truly had buried feelings for her… would bring them to the surface...

And despite such a short moment … it was all she needed … to have the willpower to leave Ash... because she knew that its that emotion in them both... that will lead them back to each other …

What did Misty whisper to Ash, and what will be her last words to him at the crossroads ?
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Togepi: I'm waiting!
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-manly tears- UAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!! D'X Why didn't end it like that?! I'm 21 (soon 22) and I watched that episode some years ago for the first time... I cried alot, cause I have been following Pokémon since.. 1998, I think.. But anyways, awesome drawings and thanks for the story for it.. I love it!
Boredstick Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013
Thank you very much for your kind words, appreciated :)

Hehe yeah that episode is a classic, albeit a sad one... still, glad you liked the above scene :)
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