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Pokemon Crisis Scene: Love is in the sea-air by hikariangelove Pokemon Crisis Scene: Love is in the sea-air by hikariangelove
commission 4: :iconboredstick: he want a scene from his fic


more info:

With Misty´s birthday coming up soon, Ash and the gang take a break from the Hoenn League in order to attend. But as always, a major crisis never takes a holiday, as Ash and the others get their share of obstacles and delicate situations, coincidential aswell as planned by evil minds!

Will Misty have the best birthday of her life, or will it all crash into a major disappointment?

Both a standalone story on its own, aswell as extra prequel to Path Of Legends and Fusion !

Finished fanfiction: [link]

Scene preview:

After hours of smalltalk, Ash looked at the time, as he asked Misty of she wants to take a walk on the deck. Knowing a breeze of fresh air would do great, Misty took Ash´s hand, walking out of the suite and going up the stairs until they reached the deck. It was night, and nothing was seen around except the sea.

Going for a walk, Misty could see the stars beautifully shine down on the pure water, along with a wind that felt so rejuvenating. The captain was seen in the captain´s deck, waving out to them, decided to stop the ship to give them a more relaxing nightwalk together. Ash and Misty happily waved back at him.

With the ship at a halt, Ash walked up to the front, looking down towards the calm water below. Misty suddenly called out for Ash to look up into the sky. Something sparkling was seen among the clouds.

It was a group of Butterfree, traversing the sea in order to reach other regions. With the moonlight reflecting onto their wings and the water, Misty told Ash that it could mean good luck to see them in such a distant place. Suddenly Ash looked down again, as Misty asked him if she said anything wrong.

Ash: No, it´s just that seeing them, reminds me of that day... I wonder if my Butterfree ever made it over...

Misty: Ash I´m sorry, I didn´t mean to remind you... and your Butterfree is a fighter, we both saw it that day, what it did for love... that love probably gave it the necessary strength to make it all the way over...

Ash: I guess you´re right... if those Butterfree made it all the way out here, mine must have made it as well!

Misty suddenly covered Ash´s mouth, as she pointed down at something. Despite the dark night, the moonlight pierced through the watersurface, illuminating something below. Seeing it as well, Ash wasn´t sure what it was, but Misty then whispered that it might be a Pokemon. Both stood silent, watching it.

It didn´t take long as it was clear that it was indeed a kind of Pokemon, as it slowly rose up abit closer to the surface. The moonlight reflected upon it, revealing a white-ish colour, and a bodyshape that looked nothing like a Water Pokemon at all. Realising it was discovered, it quickly dived back into the sea.

Misty: What could it have been Ash? A lost Pokemon maybe from Hoenn, or even an undiscovered Pokemon?

Not getting an answer from Ash, Misty then got gagged, as he tilted her head straight up towards the sky. High in the sky, right above them, something sparkling was gracefully moving among the clouds.

Ash: I remember now... that day at the harbour... I saw it among the clouds... not knowing what it was... it´s the same I saw back then... and I realise what it is now. Misty... that little thing up there... it´s Mew...

Taking his hand from her mouth, even Misty remained silent after hearing what Ash whispered to her. Remembering that he told her about the time he and the others encountered Mew deep into Kanto, Misty knew that he could be right, as she saw how it circled around. A thought then came into Misty´s mind.

Misty: Ash... I don´t want to sound too paranoid... but if that really is Mew... then why is circling above us and not seeming to leave? And the other Pokemon... does this mean they both have been following us?

Realising she could be right, Ash gently looked down again towards the water surface, and to his surprise saw that something was slowly circling around the ship, and it sure was no Sharpedo.

Ash: Misty... it´s back again, below us... I think you´re right... but if true... why would they follow us?

Suddenly the sparkle in the sky vanished, as the water creature vanished into the deep again. Amazed by what they just experienced, Ash took Misty´s hand to make a wish and told her to close her eyes and make a wish, as he did the same, hoping that the encounter that night could bring them some good luck.

Misty: We´ll find out eventually if our wishes came true... so, what else does this ship have that we can do?

Ash: Well I´m not sure myself, but the captain had told me that practically anything we want would be in the suite, so let´s go back and see what else we can do there, I´ll go in advance to prepare some stuff!

Ash left in a flash back to the suite, as Misty saw that the captain had left his deck, probably going to bed for the night. Remaining for a few minutes outside, thinking about if her wish would really come true, Misty suddenly noticed something, reflected on the water surface, as she then looked up.

Not sure what she saw, but it was indeed familiar, as something in the distance flew under the clouds and then back again, vanishing completely. It looked like a swarm, but of what remains unknown...

What could the two be wishing for... and what else will their time together alone have in store for them ?
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SpectraPhantom3922 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015
Holy Shit, I thought that was an actual seen from the series then
Snowflower--Chan00 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013   Writer
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Very cool.
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Great work as always! You are an excellent artist!
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misty's song should play in the background
Boredstick Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2012
Hello there,

Read the fanfic and you just might see if the song is in there or not ... ;)
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